The Man of Aran Cottage
Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast

As one might expect with such a fine yet accessible establishment, there are several reviews online raving about the Man of Aran Cottage and its proprietors, Joe and Maura Wolfe. There are also several reviews in print form, including the 2001 Frommer's, which is duplicated here for your convenience:

"If the Man of Aran restaurant looks familiar, it may be because you just saw it in the film at the Heritage Centre. It is the traditional thatched seaside cottage constructed in 1934 for the filming of Man of Aran. The resemblance stops there, however--the Man himself never for one day ate as well as you will here. After years of culinary training and experience in London, Maura Wolfe returned to Aran with her husband, Joe, and created one of the island's great surprises. It's a first-class restaurant drawing upon the organic vegetables and herbs grown with great toil in their garden. Maura conjures each day's menu on the spot, inspired by what is fresh and available from the sea and from the soil just beyond her front door. The result is exquisite home cooking, perfect, simple, and without pretense. Tables are limited, especially in the separate nonsmoking room. If you can't stay for dinner, at least stop by for lunch. B&B accom-modation is also available."

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